Online Bible Studies

Two Bible Studies are available online: Catechetical Lectures of Saint Cyril, led by Ioannis Gkigkitzis and What is the Meaning of the Resurrection, led by Bill Polizos

Catechetical Lectures of Saint Cyril of Jerusalem: A Bible Study led by Professor Ioannis Gkigkitzis, the Adult Catechism and Sacraments class Catechetical Lectures of Saint Cyril takes place online every Tuesday at 7:15pm. This includes time for discussion and fellowship. Email for more information.

Adult Bible Studies Class: In this time of social distancing, let us continue our weekly Adult Bible Studies online. Join us each Thursday evening at 7:00pm. Led by Bill Polizos, we will take up a new topic each week. Using colorful PowerPoint slide presentations, we will discuss how Scripture informs our Orthodox Faith and Tradition. Each session will focus on various biblical and theological topics with an emphasis on their development, historical context and meaning for us today as Orthodox Christians. To receive an invitation to the classes, please send your email address to Bill Polizos.