2020 Oratorical Festival (including videos of the Junior and Senior Winners)

Christos Anesti!

We are pleased to announce the 2020 Saint John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival results.

We want to express our deep thanks for the tremendous turnout of participants, despite the challenges of quarantine and social distancing. These challenges necessitated the parish festival become virtual and the cancellations of regional, Metropolis, and Archdiocesan competitions; but we persevered with 14 participants in both the junior and senior divisions. Participants included:

Senior Division
Paraskevi Euripides 
Anna Moratis
Denwood Parrish
Iliana Tzafolias

Junior Division
Isabel Class
Eirini Christou
Jake Hickson
Vaia McKenna
Edward Parrish
Lottie Parrish
Alexandra Sarris
Ana Lucia Spathopoulos
Mia Tzafolias
Eleni Xenos

Each participant worked very hard on his/her video submission and it showed. The level of scholarship was impressive and competitive! Our judge's panel viewed each video carefully and scored them independently just as they would have during live presentations. They then deliberated to achieve a final decision. The resulting winners are:

Junior Division Winner - Mia Tzafolias
Senior Division Winner - Iliana Tzafolias

Congratulations to both of them! You can see their respective speeches by clicking on the links above or scrolling to the end of this email. 

A deserved thank you to our esteemed panel of judges Georgia McKinney, Daphne Vaccarello, and Domenic Carr and our timekeeper Bill Polizos. Your hard work, patience, and resilience during a pandemic is appreciated.

We want to emphasize how proud we are of all participants for their hard work, the personal nature of the speeches, and knowledge of their faith. Axios!

In Christ,
Dean and Vivian Chelpon
Saint Katherine Co-chairs, 2020 St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival

Mia Tzafolias, Winner of the Junior Division

Iliana Tzafolias, Winner of the Senior Division