Schedule of Services

O Come, let us Worship and bow down before our King and God.
O Come, let us worship and bow down before Christ, our King and God.
O Come, let us worship and bow down to Christ Himself, our King and God.

This invitation marks the beginning of each day for the Orthodox Church. It comes from the office of Vespers, and it expresses the attitude which is at the heart of Orthodoxy. The Worship of God - the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, - is fundamental to the life and spirit of the Orthodox Church. Learn More»


9:00am Orthros | 10:00am Liturgy
March 29, Sunday of Saint John Climacus (cancelled due to COVID-19)
April 5, Sunday of Saint Mary of Egypt (cancelled due to COVID-19)

WEEKDAY EVENING SERVICES, 7:00pm (unless otherwise noted)
Monday, March 30, Compline (cancelled due to COVID-19)
Friday, April 3, 4th Salutations
Monday, April 5, Compline
Friday, April 10, Akathist Hymn

Saturday of Lazarus, April 11
9:30am Orthros, 10:30am Divine Liturgy

Palm Sunday, April 12
8:00am Divine Liturgy
9:30am Orthros
10:30am Divine Liturgy
7:00pm Bridegroom Service

Holy Monday, April 13
7:00pm Bridegroom Service

Holy Tuesday, April 14
7:00pm Bridegroom Service

Holy Wednesday, April 15
9:30am Pre-Sanctified Liturgy
3:00pm Holy Unction
7:00pm Holy Unction

Holy Thursday, April 16
6:00am Vespers with the Liturgy of Saint Basil (Mystical Supper)
7:00pm The Holy Passion of Christ (Twelve Gospels)

Good Friday, April 17
9:00am The Great Hours
3:30pm Great Vespers with the Descent of the Cross
7:00pm The Lamentations (Epitaphios)

Holy Saturday, April 18
9:30am Vespers with the Liturgy of Saint Basil
11:00pm Canon Preceding the Resurrection

Pascha (Easter Sunday), April 19
12:00am Orthros and Divine Liturgy
11:00am Vespers of Love (Agape)